Class MapParameters

MapParameters defines all the properties of the map (name, rights, data, etc..). Only the name is mandatory.


  • MapParameters



apiKey: string

You can get the api key from the licence page of Galigeo

crossDomain: boolean

Set crossdomain=true when the map is sandboxed (optional).

data: any[]

An array of data that will be loaded dynamically with map (optional). Two types of data are supported:

  • inline json features
  • link to a csv file Please see our sample page for more details how to specify the data
lang: string

Optionally specify the language. By default the browser language is used

mapId: string

This ID is used to identify the map. When this property is not defined, then the ID is generated based on the name of the map.

name: string

Name of the map. If a name is specified but not a mapId, then the mapId is generated from the name.

profile: string

Used to force the user profile (optional)

url: string

URL of Galigeo. When not defined, the url is

user: string

used to force the username (optional)

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